Over 1500 LSAT Explanations

LSAT Freedom offers over 1500 LSAT questions explained.  The best method of LSAT preparation is reviewing actual LSAT questions, particularly explanations of actual questions from the most recently-administered LSAT exams. Our LSAT prep course focuses its instruction exclusively on these recent questions, which allows students to learn from the types of questions that will actually appear on the LSAT rather than some outmoded question type that hasn’t appeared on the exam since the mid-1990s.

Straightforward LSAT Explanations

LSAT Freedom provides straightforward instruction by experienced and qualified teachers, shunning synthetic gimmicks in favor of a laser-like focus on the logical principles underlying each question. By understanding the logic behind the LSAT, students will be better prepared for the questions that appear on their exam. Equally important, LSAT explanations and LSAT preparation that focuses on the development of critical reasoning skills will not only help students score well on the LSAT, but also help them think and understand the law in law school and beyond.

Our LSAT prep course offers individual video explanations of over 1500 official LSAT questions from recently-released exams.

As part of the course, LSAT Freedom members receive real, interactive access to our LSAT instructors. Underneath each of the LSAT explanations, you may ask questions, and an instructor will post an answer, either via text or video, within 48 hours.

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