Our LSAT Prep Course features over 1500 video explanations of real LSAT questions, a tutorial library, and a series of LSAT study guides. You can create a custom schedule based on your exam date, or choose to study the material at your own pace.

LSAT ExplanationsLSAT Explanations

New explanations added for each released exam.

Check out a sample explanation here.





Learn the Logic that Underlies the LSATLSAT Logic

Video tutorials explaining key problem areas on the LSAT.

Learn about different forms of logic, like conditional reasoning, flawed reasoning, and structural reasoning.

Get a sneak peak at some of our tutorials here.




LSAT Study Guides and WorkbooksLSAT Study Guides and Workbooks

Learn foundational principles that help students cope with LSAT anxiety.

Learn core concepts on the LSAT.

Video explanations of correct workbook answers.




Ask Instructors QuestionsLSAT Instructors

Interactive access to instructors under each video explanation and tutorial.

Ask instructors questions and receive a response within 24 hours.




Access to Official Released LSATsLSAT Exams

All released exams since September 2006.

New exams added as they are released.




$699 PriceLSAT Price

Save hundreds of dollars on your LSAT preparation.

Make a one-time payment of $699 or pay $69/month for 10 months.

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