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LSAT Freedom Now Organizing Video Explanations By Category and Question Type

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LSAT Freedom has always prided itself on providing students with a user-friendly, effective, and efficient method of studying for the LSAT. We don’t just rest on what we currently have, however. Rather, we continue to search for ways to improve the effectiveness of our course so that students achieve the maximum possible benefit.

LSAT Questions by Category/Question Type

Thus, we are pleased to announce that LSAT Freedom recently implemented a significant change to its LSAT prep course. It now offers its students the ability to view video explanations of past LSAT questions by category and/or question type.

LSAT Prep Course Question Type 1

Before, students could navigate through the video explanations by exam and section. Now, however, students can choose a category or question type and view explanations accordingly.

This change helps students significantly . . . .

LSAT Prep Course Question Type 2First, it enables students to focus on their weaknesses. If, for example, a student has a weakness with parallel reasoning questions, he or she can isolate all questions in LSAT Freedom’s offerings that pertain to that category and then study our explanations in an effort to improve his or her skills in that area. This benefit realizes the true advantage of online education: the ability to tailor education to each student’s individual needs in an efficient and effective manner.

Second, by contrast, a student who has a strength with a particular question type can further improve his or skills in that area. In some cases, it is better and more efficient to focus on and perfect your strengths instead of attempting to improve weaknesses with which you are having a lot of difficulty (although, understandably, on the LSAT or any standardized exam, you take whatever points you can get). Nevertheless, as an overall strategy, it helps to perfect an area you are good at, thus reserving more time for problem areas on the exam.

This is one of many features LSAT Freedom has been working on to continue to improve its course and tailor it to the individual needs of students. We are working on additional awesome features. Keep checking back for more updates!

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