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How to Score 180 on the LSAT

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More students than you can imagine have asked us how to score 180 on the LSAT. Many people probably think that is an impossible task. They chalk up a 180 on the LSAT to someone’s genius intellect and never even consider whether or not it’s possible. Others think a 180 on the LSAT can, in fact, be achieved and strategize about how to get there.

The reality is a 180 on the LSAT is a tough, TOUGH goal. Let’s be clear: it’s not easy, and you do need certain things going for you. In fact, luck sometimes plays a role. (And, yes, a certain level of intelligence is required . . . but you don’t need to be Einstein.) However, the strategy for attaining a goal of a 180 on the LSAT is surprisingly simple. (It is very similar to general tips on getting a good LSAT score.) Executing it is the challenge. Below are three simple tips for getting a 180 on the LSAT.

How to Score 180 on the LSAT

If you want to score 180 on the LSAT, put the work in!

It’s that simple. Figuring out how to score 180 on the LSAT is not as difficult as actually doing the work required to obtain such a score. Learn the logic that underlies the exam, practice as much as possible, and isolate and improve your weaknesses. Even if you do all that, there is no guarantee you will get a 180 on the LSAT. But you will have as good a chance as anyone. That’s the beauty of this exam: it levels the playing field for many people, and you have just as much a chance as anyone else to score a 180 on the LSAT.

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