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LSAT Logic Games: No Rest for the Weary on June 2010 LSAT or Other Recent Exams

Who would have thought you would enjoy LSAT logic games from past LSAT exams?  Many would-be law students are currently licking their wounds from having endured the June 2010 LSAT.  It’s not so much that the exam culminated a long process of studying and stressing.  It also has nothing to do with the fact that the exam is right smack in the beginning of the summer.

Rather, the June 2010 LSAT continues the pattern we have been seeing for the LSAT Logic Games section:

LSAT Logic Games Are Getting Much More Difficult

It is not that each individual game on the June 2010 LSAT exam was super difficult; in fact, it can be argued that this LSAT did not even include one of the epic “killer” games that have punished so many students of bygone eras.LSAT logic games

Instead, LSAT logic games are getting more difficult because LSAC is not providing any “gimmies” to students. It used to be that two of the games in each section were relatively mundane and readily handled. Now, it seems that what the LSAT giveth with one hand (fewer “killer” LSAT logic games), she taketh with the other hand (more moderately difficult LSAT logic games).

The bottom line is this: future LSAT logic games sections will almost assuredly contain several games that will challenge students beyond the level previously seen in the most simple type of LSAT logic games, such as basic sequencing.

LSAT logic games will continue to bedevil students for years to come . . . .

The key for students preparing to take the LSAT is to review and analyze LSAT logic games from the most recent LSATs, and familiarize themselves with the recent approach of LSAC. LSAT Freedom offers video explanations for the June 2010 LSAT (PrepTest 60) and recommends that students include in their LSAT studying a review of explanations for the most recent LSATs.

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